Japanese diapers Moony Natural S - 4-8 kg.
moony natural s 60pc 4903111220809
moony natural s 60pc 4903111220809
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Japanese diapers Moony Natural S  - (4-8 kg)

Japan's first. It is an organic cotton-containing diaper "Natural Moony". 

In order to protect the skin of a newborn baby, I stuck to the structure from the material.

● Organic cotton is compounded in the top sheet. 

Softness of the part that touches your skin 20% (※) UP. (* Thickness change during compression Compared to manufacturer's conventional products) 

● Use "oil-free (petroleum derived oil)" & "weakly acidic" oil. Flexible material and safe for babies. 

● New technology. "Unknown popping absorption zone" of convex-concave structure. 36% (*) cutting of remaining soft stools of low age. 

Reduce the cause of skin rash. (* Loose stools adhere to the skin side instead of the diaper side Assumed value in newborn baby size baby manufacturer

There are individual differences depending on the status and quantity of the comparative flight compared to conventional products) 


Baby weight: 4-8 kg

Package type : 4903111220809

Quantity per pack60

Manufacturer: Unicharm Corporation, Japāna