Merries NB 0-5 kg 90pc.

Japanese diapers Merries New Born up to 5 kg.
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Japanese diapers Merries NB (New Born) for smallest babies (up to 5 kg)

Light and comfortable Merries newborn diapers will give the pleasant feeling of comfort for every baby. The inner layer of diapers made from soft cotton and contains natural extract that protects the baby skin from irritation.

The diapers ideally suit the baby body and the parents can be sure that their baby can comfortably move wearing the diaper. No worries about leaks as well, this is what makes Merries brand proud. The use of natural components in manufacturing eliminates the skin irritation.

It is known that the newborns pee more often, and the moist indicator on every diaper is a great help for parents. You don’t have to think when it is better to change the diaper and you don’t waste your precious time to check the diaper.

It all comes very easy when parents chose Merries diapers for their children!


Baby weight: 0 - 5 kg

Package type: Big pack

Quantity per pack: 90 items

Product code: 4901301230799

Manufacturer: KAO Co.Ltd, Japan