Goo.n PBL Girl 12-20 kg 44pc

Japanese diapers panties Goo.n (Goon) PBL girls (12-20 kg)
goon pbl girl 44pc-600x600
goon pbl girl 44pc-600x600
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Japanese diapers panties Goo.n (Goon) PBL girls (12-20 kg)

Japanese diaper panties Goo.N PBL Girl are made especially for girls weighting from 12 up to 20 kg taking into consideration their anatomy. They are designed for sleep and for long-time wear in the daytime, such as walks, travels, games. The diaper panties look like regular children underwear. 

The not-causing allergy diapers panties with E vitamin that protects the baby skin from drying and irritation. The absorbing layer is placed in the back and in the middle according to the girl’s anatomy. The high-molecular absorbent makes the liquid into gel and keeps it inside, making the skin dry and clean. The diapers do not cause irritation; they leave the skin breathing and absorb the odors. 

The diaper holds with a soft elastic strap that does not hamper movements. The diaper panties Goo.N PBL Boy are easy to take off and put on. The diaper panties won’t leak or move even when your little princess is active. The filling indicator will remind the parents that it is time to change the diaper (the indicator strap becomes blue).


Baby weight: 12 - 20 kg

Package type: Big pack

Quantity per pack: 44 items

Manufacturer: Daio Paper Corporation, Japan.