Moony NewBorn 0-5 кг

Japanese diapers Moony New Born 0-5 kg.
moony new born90 0-5kg
moony new born90 0-5kg
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Japanese diapers Moony NB (New Born) - (0-5 kg)

A newborn requires a lot of attention and daily care. For baby’s wellbeing and comfort the choice of diapers is very important, as the quality diapers can keep the skin healthy and dry, help to avoid leaks, giving the sweet dreams and the necessary freedom of movement. Moony diapers are designed to meet all those requirements.

Moony Newborn nappies (Moony NB) are made for baby from 0 to 5 kg. The nappies have special cut to take care of the delicate navel area, keeping it in the open and safe from irritation, and favoring the heeling.  

The inner side of the diaper is made from soft net with high quality natural cotton, so that the baby’s bottom is kept dry and without allergic breakouts. The inner side of the diaper absorbs the liquid quickly into the gel, keeping it inside and the skin is dry and clean. 

Moony NB diapers:
- soft, light, tender, highly breathing and not hamper the movements of the baby;
- the diaper belt is elastic in front and at the back;
- do not press the baby’s belly, avoid leaks, keep the baby comfortable;
- have a filling indicator.

Opting for functional and highly quality diapers Moony NB, you will provide maximum care for your baby. 


Baby weight: 0 - 5 kg 

Package type: Big pack

Quantity per pack: 90

Manufacturer: Unicharm Corporation, Japan