Moony S 4-8 kg

Japanese diapers Moony S - (4-8 kg)
moony s84 4-8kg5
moony s84 4-8kg5
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Japanese diapers Moony S - (4-8 kg)

Your baby grows, becoming more and more active. It means there is time to change the design of the diapers, opting for the dry skin no matter what the baby is doing: playing, moving or breastfeeding. The Japanese diapers Moony S for babies from 4 to 8 kilos are absorbing more liquid and are designed especially not to hamper the movements.

The soft and smooth diapers are air conditioned, and the secure band is easily stretched for 2-3 cm, not hampering the baby’s breath. The diapers have three layers – air conditioned, protecting from bacteria and absorbing layer. The elastic bands in front and at the back protect from leaks, keeping the baby comfortable. The diapers have the filling indicator, and they are easy to use.

Opting for functional and highly quality diapers Moony S, you will provide maximum care for your baby. 


Baby weight: 4 - 8 kg

Package type: big pack

Quantity per pack: 84 pieces 

Manufacturer: Unicharm Corporation, Japan