Moony PM Sitagi 6-10kg

Japanese diaper nappies Moony PM Sitagi 6-10 kg
moony pm sitagi 7-10kg
moony pm sitagi 7-10kg
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Japanese diaper nappies MOONY PM Sitagi (6-10 kg)

Japanese diaper nappies MOONY PM Sitagi are designed for a baby weighting from 6 up to 10 kg, who has grown old enough to be independent and has already made his or her first steps.

Diaper nappies look like regular baby underwear, they leave the skin breathe and keep the odours inside, protecting the skin from irritation. The nappies layer does not cause allergy and do not harness baby’s body movements. The special pores will absorb the excrements safely and effectively. 

The nappies will suit active children; they can be easily put on and taken off, besides, the nappies have a special filling indicator. 


Baby weight: 6 - 10 kg

Package type: Big pack

Quantity per pack: 58 pieces

Manufacturer: Unicharm Corporation, Japan