Goo.n PL Boy 9-14 kg 44pc

Japanese diaper panties Goo.n (Goon) PL Boys (9-14 kg)
goon pl boy 50pc-600x600
goon pl boy 50pc-600x600
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Japanese diaper panties Goo.n (Goon) PL Boys (9-14 kg)

Japanese diaper panties Goo.N PM are very elastic and therefore they will fit small and bigger babies, fitting their body tightly. The PM size is designed for boys weighting from 9 up to 14 kg, for long-time wearing, for example during sleep or travel. 

The diapers are made from environment- friendly materials; they contain cotton fibers and E vitamin that protects the baby skin from dryness. The inner diaper layer is a very fine and elastic absorbent which will not roll up even if your baby is hyperactive. The diapers do not cause skin irritation, they let the skin breathe and absorb the odors. 

The soft Lycra bands make the diaper fit the baby legs and avoid the leaks. The diapers have minimal contact surface, they are very fine and soft to touch. The filling indicator will remind that it is time to change the diaper. 

It will be a pleasure to use Goo.N PL Boy diaper panties, they are very easy to put on and take off. Your baby will feel comfortable, and you can be sure of that.


Baby weight: 9 - 14 kg

Package type: Big pack

Quantity per pack: 44 items

Manufacturer: Daio Paper Corporation, Japan.