Merries L 9-14 kg

Japanese diapers Merries L (9-14 kg)
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Japanese diapers Merries L (9-14 kg)

The Merries diapers main advantage is the strict quality control requirements, so only the high-quality materials are used in manufacturing. The Merries diapers are very thin and comfortable; they perfectly absorb the moist and are made of soft natural cotton fibers. 

These diapers will ideally suit your baby when sleeping or walking in the fresh air. The parents who appreciate comfort and want to avoid skin irritation opt for Merries!

The size L Merries diapers are made for children weighting from 9 to 14 kg.

The same size can be bought as pull-up panties diapers. 


Baby weight: 9 - 14 kg

Package type: Big pack

Quantity per pack: 58 items

Product code: 4901301230898

Manufacturer: KAO Co.Ltd, Japan